Tilling Dryer Machine Oil Dryer Machine Tilling Oil Dryer Machine

Rs. 46,500.00 Rs. 44,000.00

Transportation charge will extra (परिवहन शुल्क अतिरिक्त होगा)


Simple Spin Technology with dehydrator for drying chips and oil. dryer machine developed to considering the need of small business. Heavy stainless steel body structure. This machine oil and water will be separated form chips. Tilling turn model for easd to remove material fomr the drum. Also easy to operate and easy to clean. operated in domestic power supply.

 Weight Approx. 107 Kg
Bowl Capacity Approx. 25 to 30 Kg
Electric Motor 1.5 HP Single Phase
Voltage 220 V
Power Consumption 1 Unit 
Drum Size 16.5 X 16.5 
Body  Stainless Steel
Machine Size 32 X 26 X 46 
Food Processing Machine