Garlic Peller Machine

Rs. 15,500.00


Effortlessly peel garlic with our innovative Garlic Peeler Machine, designed for efficiency and convenience. Say goodbye to tedious hand-peeling and embrace the time-saving technology of our automated garlic peeler. Perfect for commercial kitchens and culinary enthusiasts, this machine ensures quick and uniform peeling, saving you valuable time and effort. Invest in the future of kitchen efficiency with our Garlic Peeler Machine, your key to streamlining food preparation. Enjoy the simplicity and precision of this essential kitchen tool, enhancing the overall productivity of your culinary operations. Upgrade your kitchen experience today with our high-performance garlic peeler, making peeling a breeze and unleashing the true flavor of your dishes

 Capacity  10 to 120 Kg 
Electric Motor 0.25 HP Single Phase 
Weight Approx. 14 Kg