Corn Grinder Machine Mazie Grinder Machine 3 HP Makka Grinder Machine

Rs. 40,000.00 Rs. 37,500.00

Transportation charge will extra (परिवहन शुल्क अतिरिक्त होगा)

We have made this machine for many business purpose like corn grinding, poultry feed grinding, animal feed grinding, cattle feed grinding business. Corn grinding machine can grind all type of grains like wheat, corn, soyabean etc. are use in making feed for above purpose. Mazie grinding machine made with MS (Iron) body with CI Casting Chamber. This machine operate in 3 hp Single phase motor on domestic power supply. also we have use cyclone technology in this machine.  Very easy to operate.

 Weight Approx. 100 Kg
Capacity Approx.  200 to 250 Kg
Electric Motor 3 HP Single Phase
RPM 1440 RPM
Voltage 200 V
Power Consumption Approx. 2.5 Unit
Body MS (Iron)
Poultry Feed Machine